S-Shaped Bar | Indoor Bar Surface Projection

Pixel Artworks highlight video. By permission of Pixel Artworks.

Working with Pixel Artworks for Ellipsis Entertainment.

The S-shaped bar was situated at the end of an escape room style immersive theatre event, named Somnai. 

It comprised of a 7K canvas, including bio-luminescent jellyfish, enchanted woodland, rain and water effects. Due to a tight turnaround time, we went straight from mood-boards into building the scenes and animation. 

The bar featured three looping states to compliment the bars interior design and and alternating cocktail menu.

I helped design, build and animate 2 out of 3 creative treatments including transitions.



Agency – Pixel Artworks

Client – Elipsis Entertainment

Concept: Pixel Artworks

Hardware Installation: Pixel Artworks

Creative Direction: Riaz Farooq

Producer: Chloe Bayley

Design, Build and Animation – Uzo Uzoigwe &  Riaz Farooq